Your Mumpreneur Squad
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Your Mumpreneur Squad

Who do you have in your Mumpreneur Squad or even just in your Mum Squad? 

One thing on this journey of motherhood is we should never have to do it alone or feel like we are doing it alone. Support = ‘bear all or part of the weight of; hold up.’ We like to think we can do it all on this journey of entrepreneurship (we are superwomen after all, right 🦸‍♀️) but it takes a village to raise a business and a village to raise a baby. We don’t need to bear it all. 

The life of the mumpreneur can be full of joyous moments, throw in a few challenges, throw in a few unexpected adventures and a lot of memories, the good and the bad. All of this can be made more fun, more creative and less stressful with your mum squad by your side.  

5 members I recommend having in your squad ⤵️

✨ Business Bestie

They are your go to, your sounding board for ideas and client troubles, the one who keeps you “company” in the day to day life of working for yourself. Working for yourself can be lonely and we all know as a mum, we sometimes just need to talk to another adult 👩

✨ Hype Gals

Creating or joining a community that support you & empower your journey is life changing to put it simply. They are there to build you up and empower you to believe anything is possible (& it is!). They will support you when you are launching new products & services,

✨ Coach

Even coaches have coaches. I find having a coach such a powerful environment, an amazing way for me to learn and a way for me to stay accountable. All I would say, is find one you really click with

✨ Virtual Assistant

Even a VA could use a VA. A lot of mumpreneurs put off having support, waiting until they are “successful”, mumma you don’t need to be a 6 figure business to have your own VA. You can have one from the very start if you wish & it can actually help accelerate your business quicker. A little support or a lot of support it all empowers YOU.

✨ Friends & Family

Create with your network, create time and create space. We have a lot of plates to juggle but we don’t need to do it alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, sometimes it can make the world of difference.

Here is a short video about community from Next Level Life

I couldn’t imagine being where I am or going through this adventure of life without my squad by my side.

Who is in your squad? Why not take this moment to reach out and tell them how much they mean to you. 

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