Trade Expectation for Extraordinary
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Trade Expectation for Extraordinary

Mums in business… there are so many of you out there and let me start by commending you!  You are doing an extraordinary job!

Did you know that there are currently over 1 million mums in the UK who have started up businesses from home, and this figure increases by almost 4% every year!  

Did you know that post pregnancy is the most common time for women to explore and pursue working from home opportunities?  

And did you know that mumpreneurs are predicted to generate 9.5 billion for the UK economy and employ over 13000 people within the next 3 years?

These figures are incredible – but Mums…you truly are badasses making incredible impact on this world, by coming together and trading expectations for extraordinary you can generate revenue of 10 times that number and offer employment to millions rather than thousands!  

Mums trade expectation for extraordinary

So, why do so many mums start a side hustle and consider the world of entrepreneurship at this stage of life?

Let me explain… having children reminds women how are powerful you are!  Creating and birthing life reconnects you to your soul, to your mission in life, to what you have been put on this planet to do. You see possibility with new eyes, you realise that if you can exist on this planet on the odds of 1 in 400 trillion AND you can create another life, then this surely means that anything is possible.

The warm fuzzy glow of motherhood inspires you on a whole new level and it becomes your life mission to teach your human to live out their dreams and in that you realise that it all starts with you stepping into yours. You become the example.  It’s a new level of responsibility, one that you are ready to tackle with enthusiasm and vigour.

You quickly discover that having a ‘side hustle’ is also a great gateway – it’s something you do for you. It provides you a taste of financial freedom and it keeps your brain busy whilst away from the 9-5!  

Being a mum in business means you are the boss – you’ve got another baby that allows you a minute away from THE baby, where you can pass your bundle of joy to your partner and justify the ‘you time’.  In these moments of creation, you’re not a wife, partner or spouse, you’re not mum, you’re not anything you used to be,  you have an opportunity to create and you have the freedom that maternity leave allows so you’re going ALL IN…

You have a new level of enthusiasm. You do your research, buy the equipment, start networking like mad… what a buzz!  You’ve finally found something for you and you’re earning a little extra cash… you’re meeting awesome new people and life feels good!

But then… it fizzles out…  expectations take over, people’s voices creep in, you get scared of the success… will it last?

Bit by bit you loose the enthusiasm, you unconsciously self sabotage and before you know it maternity leave is over and its back to the 9-5.

Was it all a dream?  It certainly felt like a blur, a glimpse into future possibility?  Something you’ll do when your baby gets a little older and you’ve got more time?

As day to day life continues, you quickly forget how you felt in those moments of creation, in those moments of personal success and before you know it – life has returned to good, but mediocre, and you’re ok with that!  95% of the population are, so why wouldn’t you be?

You make excuses – I can’t network when I’ve been in the office all day, evenings are family time! 

My job pays me well enough, I get to holiday once a year and I’m always around for when people need me.  

It was only a little extra cash I earned, I’ll get back to it when I’ve got more time.

But mums, let me tell you a secret… you CAN have it all! If you choose too. You can trade expectations for extraordinary and create the life you desire.  Everything you require is within you and you don’t have to do things they way everyone else has.  Do you want their results, or do you want more?

The next level guide to parenting

The truth is that the world of being a mum in business, sometimes means that you will bask in chaos. The laundry might not be done, you might call a takeaway on a Tuesday and you might not be able to answer people’s calls 24/7 but when you trade expectations to create an extraordinary life – you radiate love and success is inevitable.  

Can you imagine how it will feel waking up every day with unwavering belief in yourself, knowing that what you are creating combined with the actions you are taking day to day are allowing your next level of life to unfold?  This is the ultimate path to cultivating a landscape where every family member thrives, including you!

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