Top Tips to the Path of Self Love
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Top Tips to the Path of Self Love

Hello all, I would like to introduce myself and tell you a bit about me, who I am and share my journey on the path of self love. My name is Kelley Green, I am 28 years old. All my life growing up I always had big dreams of wanting to be on TV or a big stage performing and being centre of attention. I studied Performing Arts at College but I decided not to continue it on at Uni. I remember being told that to be able to go on TV especially kids TV, (because that is what I wanted at the time) it was great to have experience working with children in a working environment. So I applied for a Level 2 apprenticeship, and this ended up being the career ladder I built myself up for the last 9/10 years. In between that time, I did take some time out to live in Greece for the Summer of 2015 and 2016 which was amazing and something I do not regret. Since returning to the UK and getting my old job back I became a Team Leader, SENCO trained and did some work as a Deputy for a while. 

Summer 2018, I became mentally ill with severe depression and anxiety not being able to work and gave up on life and everyone who loved me. Months passed and it was a real struggle, it felt like I was starting my life all over again. I managed to get another job in a nursery but as much as I was grateful for the chance and experience, I knew I was made for more.

Early 2019 was when I say everything changed for me and I was recognising who I was again. I began personal development, a Network Marketing business, and I believe that happened for a reason. I began studying and just learning how powerful our mind really is. Our thoughts and feelings reflect who we are. I became unfulfilled at the nursery and wanted to become my own boss so much but would procrastinate and put the idea off so many times, if you are nodding, I know you can relate too, right? I would have all these crazy ideas of what I wanted to be doing but it was always just an idea, and I would never act or decide this is what I wanted. I did not truly know what I wanted, I have only ever known working with children and been in that kind of environment. 

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In lockdown 2020 I was furloughed from my full-time nursery job for 10 weeks and I used this time to find my passion, my purpose and what I was truly brought into this world to do. I have always been super passionate about helping people. I believe that has been something I have had within me all my life, seeing people’s lives change right into of my eyes is the best feeling ever. This period of time reminded me of when I felt my lowest and since that even though I had been on this massive journey and overcome a lot I was still uncomfortable within myself and who I saw reflecting back at me in the mirror. 

This brings me on to my Self Love journey. In late 2020 I went on a journey like no other though studying and truly connecting with me and digging deep within myself and asking powerful questions daily. Reflecting on my journey and what I overcame in this short period of time I knew I had to share this with people. I became so passionate with telling people about Self Love as loving us is where it truly starts, from within. Was this what I was meant to be doing?

I returned to work in Summer of 2020, and I just became deflated in the job and lived each day from what I wanted to be doing and living within the moment. Over Christmas period I wrote a 28-day Self Love Programme to provide to people who need that start up on Self Love or want to give themselves that time each day for them and no one else.

I launched my 28-day programme in January of this year and I then began to write a 8 week coaching programme. I felt there was a massive space in the market for women especially to begin to feel how they truly are meant to feel and become part of an online community. I handed in my notice at the nursery at the end of February and at the end of March I left. I would never say never to working back with children and currently I am doing agency work but it is different because I get to pick when I want to work and what hours so I am in control.

The Path to Self Love by Kel

I am now a Self-Love Coach offering both programmes to clients who are looking to improve their self esteem or be more confident and kinder to themselves. I love coaching people and truly found my passion and the vision I have for where I can take my coaching excites me so much. My focus and goal is to help as many individuals truly believe they are enough just the way they are no matter their circumstances or past.

The Path to Self-Love and beyond is an 8-week programme that teaches you to embrace your true self, to teach you to love yourself, how to flip those dislikes you may have, to forgive yourself as well as others and how to love who you are today, right now. It is split into 8 different modules around the topic included is a workbook to go through, 121 support from me and 60-minute coaching call weekly. I also have my 28-day programme which is for anyone at any age and that is sent on a weekly email based to do in your own time or if you again need my support, I am there to guide you. Once you have the 28-day programme you have it for life then to repeat over and over again. 

I want you reading this to know that whatever you want to achieve in life is possible for you if it feels right act on it. You are feeling a certain way for a reason, so many of us do not act on inspired thoughts something I have massively learnt, and we worry about what others will think when in fact every single person is on their own journey.

Here are my Self Love tips –

  • Allow yourself to make mistakes
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Process your fears.
  • Do not be afraid to let go of toxic people
  • Take time for yourself.

 So, what are your goals in life?

Something you’re so passionate about could be someone else’s worst nightmare. Please connect with me on social media I would love to know if you have had similar experiences, my story has inspired you in anyway or you simply want to chat about something I have mentioned.

Instagram – @kelleygreenx

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Facebook – Kelley Green

Facebook group – The Path To Self Love

Thank you for reading my story and I look forward to connecting with as many of you as possible, also a huge thank you to Lucy for this incredible opportunity.

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