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A Decision & Our Journey

The decision was made… let’s have baby number 2!

We had (without consciously speaking about it) been putting of having another baby, waiting for the “right time” ha, is there ever a right time? 

First though, let’s take it back a number of years and give you an insight into who I am and my life leading up to now. It makes sense for the first blog post of The Mumpreneur Diaries to at least share a little bit about the founder, right? 

Born in England, I grew up loving horses, loving school and being with my friends. What I would consider as a relatively normal childhood until tragedy hit at the age of 9 and my mum passed away. A couple of years later just before my teens, we moved to New Zealand, completely changing our life. Thousands of miles and a VERY long plane ride away from our family and friends. Life in NZ was different, we made new friends, explored new schools and I grew from a pre-teen into an adult. I lived in New Zealand for 13 years, completing my schooling and starting my career. 

At the sweet old age of 16 I met my hubby Shane, I guess you could call us childhood sweethearts! It’s crazy to think we have been together for a fabulous 12 years already. Our journey has taken many paths, as lots of relationships have but we have always stood besides each other. It’s something we always come back to, no matter what happens we have each other’s back. 

We moved in together 9 months into our relationship, getting to know each other on a deeper level. I’m sure you can agree with me, you get to know someone on a whole other level when you live together ha. We spent the next 3 years following this enjoying life, having travel adventures around New Zealand and Australia as well as getting engaged. 

January 19th, 2013 I became Mrs Watty in a beautiful beach location we both loved, Ngakuta Bay. The same year we brought our first home together and grew our lives as husband and wife. Our little haven with our two gorgeous doggies, Wren & Millie. 

A couple of years later we started to discuss starting a family, sometimes we try to wait for everything to be in perfect alignment but I don’t feel there is ever a perfect time. February 14th (easy date to remember!) I stopped taking the contraceptive pill, we had decided to let nature take its course so to speak, not to think about it and see what happens.

Six months later, my period was a few days late so we took a test. I remember sitting in the bathroom, waiting to see if that double line would appear & it did almost instantly. I gave a little scream and said to Shane “You are not going to believe it”! We were absolutely over the moon. I know some people like to keep it to themselves for the first while but we were so excited I got straight on the phone to my dad (who was living in England) and hubby straight on the phone to his sister to share our excitement. 

I won’t go into our pregnancy journey, that can be for another day, however 38 weeks + 3 days later early labour kicked in. I’d had Braxton hicks the night before, so I wasn’t sure if it was real this time. Oh but it was! First thing the following morning we headed into hospital, I hopped straight in the birthing pool (so calming btw!) and hubby paced the room anxious and hating seeing me in pain, bless him! 

Picture of newborn baby
At 9:46am our beautiful baby girl was born into this world. 

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that was over 5 years ago and now we are going through the journey again. After Lil was born we decided to use this stage to come and spend time on this side of the world (England), spending time with the rest of my family and giving my grandparents (who I was very lucky enough to still have all earthside with us) time to get to know their new great-grandaughter. 

So December 11th, 2016 when Lil was 7.5 months old we made the huge journey across the world. 3 planes, 3 countries and around 36 hours later we landed on English soil ready to start our new adventure. 

Mum, Dad and 7 month old baby sitting on a 737 aeroplane ready to make a big journey

What was planned to be a one year adventure (two max) has turned into 4 and a half years and still continuing. But life is one big adventure, sometimes things change and we have to take opportunities when they arise in front of us. 

15 months ago I started my business, LJ Your Virtual PA which has since grown to include LJ Travel & Explore and now The Mumpreneur Diaries. In that time I have grown massively, our vision for life has elevated and we are excited for all that is to come. 

Back to the first sentence of this blog, the decision was made to bring Lillie a sibling and add baby number 2 to our family. Just as I did with Lil we decided we didn’t want to stress about all of the tracking until we needed to, I would stop taking the contraceptive pill and we would let nature take its course, so to speak. 

So at the very end of 2019 I stopped taking the pill and we waited for nature to do its thing. All I did at this time was track my cycle so I could know when to expect Aunt Flo and use this information if ever needed. 9 months later.. still no baby.. I was starting to think we needed to do more.

I really didn’t want to become stressed out, so I spoke to a friend who had years of experience as a fertility nurse. She recommended a couple of little things we could look at to create a healthier lifestyle to support fertility & reassured me sometimes it just takes patience. I took on her advice, alongside continuing to track my cycle. 

February 24th, almost 14 months after we made the decision we found out we were expecting our second little bear! We were absolutely over the moon!! 

If you would like to share your story or have advice that could help other mums/mums to be please do get in touch using the link below.

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