HotTea Mama

How HotTea Mama teas can support mums in different parts of their journeys

Tea can be a huge support through life, but never more so than for mums, who often have to restrict what they eat and drink while nurturing their children. Tea for TTC and fertility If you’re trying to have a baby, tea can support you in this journey. Having high levels of caffeine in your …

Tips for New Mums

What They Didn’t Tell You.. 5 Tips for New Mums

Even now with baby girl number 2 as it has been 5.5 years since baby girl number 1 there are things I completely forgot about that make life that little bit easier. There are lots of things often not discussed much publicly, you aren’t told about in antenatal classes or you don’t even consider. Carry on reading to find out what myself and other mums wish we had been told before baby arrived…

My Late Night Musings

My Late Night Musings

often and I rarely get myself to bed early. I know during pregnancy this is even more important, baby is also using my energy to grow healthy and let’s be honest life is busy! So off I trot to bed, 10pm (doing good for me 🙈), check on miss L, give her a kiss goodnight, pop to the loo (for the millionth time today), set up my pregnancy pillow, climb in bed & snuggle into the blankets. Mmmm sleep 💤

Getting to know the founder

Getting to Know the Founder

Some of you may know me really well and some of you barely at all. Either way I am excited to have you here and on this journey with me. I decided months ago I’d share a blog about the face behind the business and give you a snippet into my life on my original business blog. Yet every time I sat down to write it, I’d get in a muddle of how to start, where to begin and what you might like to know. I had a reminder a couple of weeks ago I still hadn’t wrote this particular blog so I best introduce you properly to me, the founder of L J Your Virtual PA, L J Travel & Explore and The Mumpreneur Diaries, and my journey to where I am today.

Juggling School Holidays and Business The Mumpreneur Diaries

Juggling Business and the School Holidays

Many of us started our business to give us the time freedom to be a mum, to be present with our children and make those precious memories so why do we feel dread when they approach?

It’s simple, we feel we must sacrifice something, either our business or doing things with our children. But it isn’t the case, we can work our business AND enjoy those school breaks with our children.