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The Power of Community

Being part of an online community 

Hello all, my name is Kelley Green and I want to share with you all my experience with virtual classes and events and also being part of an insane community which has helped me massively over the last 18 months. 

I have always been one for wanting to be active and never come across lazy haha, tbh sometimes people tell me to slow down because I am constantly on the go but I love it and I know when to rest. It took me a while to grasp and be in tune with my body to know I needed to slow down. I have been a part of several gyms and had numerous personal trainer, often changing because they became too far or just didn’t feel like home. Then at the start of lockdown 2020 my friend Natalie Naaman became a qualified trainer and what perfect timing that was. The gyms were closed, no body could get out and about, it became “virtual everything” over night. 

I don’t know about anyone else but the gym for me is a safe place and somewhere I mentally take myself to gather my thoughts and of course sweat. When I am there the focus is me and me only. Obviously during this time the gyms were closed and to a lot of us the physical side of working out was taken from us but most importantly was how we were feeling inside. In May 2020 I started my online PT sessions with Natalie and it was like I had always done them this way, it was so much fun and when you had finished your session you are already at home so it’s a win win all round. Natalie is such a supportive, honest trainer and that is what I love about her, all her clients now say the same. From someone who likes to party herself and lives by having a balanced lifestyle I knew I was in good hands.

Even when the gyms re opened I obviously went back because I was so excited but I still kept to my online PT sessions because I loved them that much and it was a no brainer for me and if they were in the diary I was attending. 

photo of online community working out via zoom

For all my life I struggled to lose weight, or I would lose it and put it back on, but I was seeing incredible results with Natalie and our PT sessions were like a day at a nightclub (secret DJ I think). She then started doing online classes in the mornings and some in the evenings that anyone could join covering a variety of exercises. In October 2020 she started an 8 week challenge which was insane, so many people from all over came together to do this 8 week challenge via zoom. Anyone from any age, background or fitness level could join these classes and it was just so powerful. I remember people asking me what I was doing daily and how they could join in as it looked so much fun.

The community for me was the best place to be during an uncertain time in everyone’s lives. You are surrounded by people who want to wake up early, exercise online and make changes to their daily habits and these were my type of people. You virtually meet people and they become your close friends, we have zoom parties to celebrate our success and surprises along the way. There was even a Q&A session one evening that Fleur East and her sister Keshia came to and answered people’s questions around mindset and fitness. It is just a special community offering so much value to not just your physical transformation but your mindset as well. 

Whether you’re looking for new friends, to join a few classes, to go all in or to learn some tips you can use at home there is all of this in this community. October 2020, the Healthy Happy Strong Squad was born, it is growing massively and still is to this day. Natalie’s community where I am actually now a huge part of her team (which is exciting) has lots of big events coming up later in the year, so keep your eyes peeled.

The reason why I have just told you all of that is the power of online and how it differs with going to a local gym or joining up to one. Do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with going to the gym of course because I do also and love it. But I do personally think there is a lot of pressure out there when you step into a gym. You don’t know anyone, you see these machines for the first time you don’t know how to use them and there is so many people of all shapes and sizes just going for it. It can feel a little overwhelming and you think ‘no I can’t do this’ and then never go back again when all you want to do is better yourself. 

If you’re reading this and thinking omg yes this is me, I really want to join the gym but I don’t want to at the same time, well online classes might just be for you. Even joining online classes on zoom can be scary. I understand that also but just know you have 100% support and accountability from everyone doing it with you, and you grow from stepping out of your comfort zone. No one is watching you, they are just happy you are part of the squad and joining in the craziness 😉 

Currently, we are looking for new members to join Healthy Happy Strong Squad online member workouts where Natalie and her team of professional coaches lead different styles of workouts daily.  If your interested in joining email You can also join the Healthy Happy Strong Squad Facebook group or check out Natalie’s website, where there is merchandise and so many more offers and programmes.

Natalie Naaman Healthy Happy Strong Squad

I’m going to leave you with a few tips from Natalie’s E book (you can purchase this from website also)

The three main things that I believe in …

If you BELIEVE, you can ACHIEVE

If you are DISCIPLINED, you can CREATE


Do you struggle with consistency? Well you can start making some changes with a few small steps. Create a schedule/plan to help you keep on track with your new habits. Identify your goal and make sure that you are taking action every single day around 1-3 actions per day to ensure that you remain consistent in achieving your goals. And remember, if you mess up, don’t be harsh on yourself … life can happen, tomorrow is a new day. As long as you are honest with yourself and if you truly believe that you’re doing your absolute best, that’s all that matters.  

Why should we exercise? 
  1. You have MORE energy
  2. It reduces blood pressure
  3.  It reduces body fat and keeps you strong
  4. It boosts your moon and you feel better about life!
  5. It improves your confidence and posture. 

Thank you so much for reading and if any of this resonates with you or you struggle with anything from confidence, accountability or starting your fitness journey get in touch today.

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