My Late Night Musings
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My Late Night Musings

Pregnancy can often come with insomnia or restlessness in the night, so I decided to jot down my train of thoughts in these musings. I thought maybe if I get it out on paper maybe, just maybe I could get back to sleep…

06.09 Musings

Here I am trying to make sure I get enough rest as it really is one of my downfalls, I don’t allow myself to slow down often and I rarely get myself to bed early. I know during pregnancy this is even more important, baby is also using my energy to grow healthy and let’s be honest life is busy! So off I trot to bed, 10pm (doing good for me ?), check on miss L, give her a kiss goodnight, pop to the loo (for the millionth time today), set up my pregnancy pillow, climb in bed & snuggle into the blankets. Mmmm sleep ? 

But nope, not yet, my body has other ideas. My hips decided to ache more than they normally do, my legs felt restless and my mind just wasn’t switching off. I had an event to run the following evening which meant a lot to me but everything was under control so I didn’t need to stress or worry. After what felt like ages of just lying there hoping I’d fall asleep, I started to need the toilet AGAIN! Only to have the tiniest trickle (I’m sure you can relate, organs are really starting to get squashed now at 32+3), that felt a little better so let’s try sleep again.

Get comfortable (as comfortable as I can anyway), Close my eyes.. and ohhh I have a blog idea ? better note it down so it’s not lost to the universe in the night. So here I am 11:52pm jotting down my musings as it rolls out of my head. Let’s hope this clears my thoughts & I’ll be able to get some sleep now ??

1:30… 1:30am I finally fell asleep!!! 

08.09 Musings

I feel like I should be putting the 7th of September seen as it’s still the middle of the night but technically it’s the 8th. After a INCREDIBLE launch event last night for The Mumpreneur Diaries (& a late night the night before) I fell asleep easy about 11pm YAY! However it didn’t last.. 4am I woke up… lying there thinking about things, willing myself back to sleep… 

Sleep was being elusive however, I mean who needs sleep especially when you’ve got a small human growing inside of you. Please please don’t let this be the start of pregnancy insomnia ? 

** luckily it wasn’t and it was just a few nights of not much sleep followed by struggling to get through the following day

26.09 Musings

What a lovely weekend celebrating baby W. Yesterday afternoon my beautiful stepmum hosted my baby shower, it was a great reason for us all to get together and a great way to celebrate our impending arrival. We had games such as baby Bingo and pin the dummy on the baby which was a great laugh. We also had a delicious platter from Amazin’ Grazin which has meant we also ate it for dinner last night & lunch today haha and STILL have loads of cheese leftover (Im not complaining as I love snacking and salami’s has been one of my cravings through a lot of the pregnancy).

I remembered to make a list today of what everyone had brought us, it’s so easy to forget who got what by the time little one wears them and I want to be able to send thank you cards once she is here. Did you send announcement or thank you cards? 

I remember with my daughter we got thank you cards made with her newborn photo mainly because at the time we were living in NZ & lots of my family had sent gifts over from England so I thought it was a nice way to do it as they couldn’t meet her face to face. This evening I ordered the last couple of bits I think we need ready for her arrival eeek, so now at 35 wks + 2 days I think its time to get our hospital bags packed and ready to go this week! 

18.10 Musings

I suppose you would call this early morning musings rather than late night, 5:30am and I’m up again for the toilet. Although I feel tired enough to sleep still, my mind decides we will start thinking of all the little things that are soon about to change. I have a feeling that little one will be making her arrival over the next couple of days, making us a family of four. 

I have been reminding myself over the last few days to really absorb these last moments of feeling her movements inside me, the last moments of it being just the 3 of us. It’s been 5 and a half years of just us 3 so although we are all extremely excited to have our new arrival here in our arms, I also realise it’s going to be a big change for us all. 

The other things running through my mind are of course the impending labour, I am feeling quite calm about it for now so I’m going to try and remain that way. I’ve also been trying to remember the night time juggle of getting up to feed & change nappies. Thinking of the logistics of it, should I swap our lamp with Miss L’s as hers has a dimmer, will baby wake Miss L in the night when she wakes up, the school run! ? I’m not sure why as I know it will all fall into place as we find our feet as a family of four. 

Third Trimester Musings

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