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Hot Tea Mama

HotTea Mama produces a range of bespoke fine teas that help women through various stages of their reproductive lives including pregnancy. The teas are produced in the UK using natural ingredients making them all vegan friendly and gluten-free

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Daisy’s Creations

Daisy’s Creations – if you are looking for personalised merchandise for yourself, employees or to promote your business look no further. Paige can create a multitude of merchandise for your every need and added bonus there is no minimum quantity required for your orders. 

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The Focused Business Planner

The Focused Business Planner will be your new best friend, created to support everyone. This planner combines it ALL – goals, diary, content planning, affirmations, quotes and more. Created by myself (Lucy Watty) and Paige Bird (Daisy’s Creations)

A4 (Hardback or Paperback)

A5 (Hardback or Paperback)

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