Inspiration without Looking
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Inspiration Without Looking

In my experience, it is true what they say that inspiration can strike at the most unlikely of places, and as a Holistic Therapist, I can understand why. When we let our guard down, are in a relaxed state and not trying too hard, that nice space of calm equilibrium allows us to be open to new possibilities.

I quite often find myself diving into a beautiful state of reflection and creativity whilst I am in the middle of providing my clients with a massage as they drift gently away into a place of their own deep relaxation. It is a time that is just as therapeutic for me as it is for my clients and is where my intuition takes over, and I not only feel most connected to the therapy that I am providing for my clients but also to myself.

So much so that I often wish I had someone taking notes for me or a recording option for my thoughts so I can play them back later. It is such a wonderful feeling to know the positive effect that the therapies that I facilitate have on others because I also experience it in-directly as well.

This is an experience that I know many other therapists receive when they are in their practice. I also believe that the therapists’ benefit is part of the reason why I think that so many therapists find it difficult to value their worth and accept an energetically aligned payment from their clients, (myself included at times, one of my blocks that I am constantly working on). However, that is another conversation for another blog, at a different time.

Whilst I can often have ‘good ideas’ and sparks of ‘inspiration’, I am an Alchemist Archetype after all (check out Sacred Money Archetypes). I have never quite experienced the level of sheer inspiration that felt as I can only describe as divine intervention as I did last October (2020)!

As you can imagine, it was in the middle of a very challenging year that I had already managed to navigate and diversify particularly well, even if I do say so myself! Especially considering my profession and so I wasn’t looking for anything new. I thought I had my new direction planned out and had plenty to keep me occupied as I was on my way to taking my existing business Angel Wood Therapies in a new and exciting direction.

Well, I was completely wrong!

One of my regular go-to self-care rituals is salt baths. I know exactly when I need them as my body almost aches to say, it’s time; you need to rest and recoup. So much so that a sense of restlessness sets in until I submit, run the bath, pour in the salt and oils and allow myself to melt into the warmth and cleansing energy of the water.

Self Care in a relaxing bath with crystals, salts and oils waiting for inspiration

It was in the middle of one of these self-care salt baths when I was relaxing and releasing the tension of the day that, all of a sudden, an idea popped into my head. I saw/heard two names, Berry and Wanda. I also knew that they were a fairy and pixie, and an almost fully-formed idea entered my mind. And to quote my first book, Wanda meets Berry… ‘ ‘Twas completely unexpected, this was really not the norm!’ I felt an instant excitement and firelight up within me; the thoughts, ideas, the path was all there whirling in my head.

I kept repeating it and repeating it so I wouldn’t forget it, grabbed my phone next to me as it was playing relaxing music, and went onto my notebook app and started making notes. I instantly knew who was going to help me bring them to life, so much so that once I had managed to get myself out of the bath, I sent her a really, really long message explaining as much of this divine inspiration as I could in text asking if she could illustrate Berry and Wanda so I could see what they looked like so I could begin to anchor this idea into my mind.

It was all happening very quickly, and I couldn’t wait to get it out there to the world! It felt extraordinary and something that I just knew that I needed to pursue! Luckily my dear friend and Artist Julie Meacham was just as inspired as I was and instantly agreed!

Laura Wooldridge + Julie Meachem with their book Wanda meets Berry
Julie + Laura

And now the rest they say is history. The Berry and Wanda Programme is now coming up to 12 months old, and wow, what a journey so far! I still have the same passion, excitement and faith as when the ideas first came to me, and my plans are growing by the day! It is both nerve-wracking and amazing. I am being pushed out of my comfort zone more than I ever have, but I know how worthwhile it is and will be.  

Every day, I give gratitude for the opportunities that are coming my way and feel very blessed to do what I do and help others connect and support their wellbeing. What’s more, the programme will also give more people the opportunity to do the same.

So, if you are feeling stuck, feel like you lack inspiration, feel that all your hard work is going nowhere and you aren’t sure of your direction, go and run yourself a bath (metaphorically or actually). Seriously, take some time and clear your head so you can make way for those divine moments of inspiration, trust me, when you are genuinely ready (and quite often we don’t even realise we are), they will come. It won’t be forced; it will feel aligned, somehow right and maybe even too good to be true.

It will still take work, dedication and have its fair share of downs and ups, but it will be just what you need. Just as the best things in life always do.

Never underestimate the importance of taking some time out and giving yourself permission to disconnect from your business and the stresses of life – it will enhance them more than you will ever know!

Love and successful wishes,

Laura Wooldridge

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