The Magic of Belief
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The Magic of Belief

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Grant Cardone 10x growth conference. It was incredible and I learnt so much over the 3 days – but for me the main thing that stood out from all the people I heard speak; business owners, actors, artists, investors, people at the beginning of their business journey – was BELIEF. A huge belief and confidence in themselves and in what they are doing.

I then thought, it is all well and good for me to say to people, ‘you just need to believe in yourself’ but how is this self-belief created? What can we do, and start to do to gain more confidence in ourselves? and to step confidently into who we TRUELY are? I want to help you with this.

There are things we all want, or think we want (which is a different matter altogether), but things we want to do in this life; goals we have, dreams we have, achievements we would love to make, but we doubt ourselves. Am I good enough? what if I fail? What will people think of me?

Can you relate?

The things is, our brain naturally wants to keep us safe and comfortable. So, whenever we step outside of that there’s the voice that tell us all these things to convince ourselves as to why it’s not a good idea….and we quit. It doesn’t work out, we blame whatever has happen externally, and the cycle continues. Yes or no? 


We step outside of this, we step into the unknown, we hear and acknowledge these things being said by the voice in our head, the brain trying to pull us to ‘safety’ and we say thank you, I forgive you, I love you, and we move. We move forward. And we take the next step towards what we do.

Through this simple action, consistently taken over time, you will then begin to trust yourself more, gradually build the belief in yourself, develop faith in yourself and create that confidence in yourself, for yourself, over time. 

Awareness, acknowledgement, action. 

Belief quote

So next time you want to take a step forward; you want to message that person, do that work out, quit that job, take that risk…remember this, our thoughts are not our reality. Read that again. Our thoughts are not our reality. It’s either from what’s past or something that hasn’t even happened yet. Since I have been aware of this, I have notice so many of my thoughts are worrying about a ‘what if’ scenario, what might happen, so something that hasn’t even happened yet and probably never does. Imagine finding ways to switch this up, to be able to pivot your mindset, to build that self-belief. 

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Embrace Your Power

So I will leave you with this;

‘We all make mistakes, have struggles, and you maybe regret things in your past. But you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles, and you are here now with the power to shape your day and your future’ – steve maraboli

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