Getting to know the founder
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Getting to Know the Founder

Founder – Lucy Watty

Some of you may know me really well and some of you barely at all. Either way I am excited to have you here and on this journey with me. I decided months ago I’d share a blog about the face behind the business and give you a snippet into my life on my original business blog.

Yet every time I sat down to write it, I’d get in a muddle of how to start, where to begin and what you might like to know. I had a reminder a couple of weeks ago I still hadn’t wrote this particular blog so I best introduce you properly to me, the founder of L J Your Virtual PA, L J Travel & Explore and The Mumpreneur Diaries, and my journey to where I am today. 

Founder of L J Your Virtual PA, L J Travel & Explore, The Mumpreneur Diaries
Founder, Lucy

I’m often mistaken for being a New Zealander (or sometimes even an Australian!), as my accent is now a hybrid of British and Kiwi twang, but I am 100% British & proud! I started my life in Staffordshire, England almost 30 years ago (say what!). I grew up around horses, pony club, shows and lots & lots of hacks (it really is something that stays in your blood for life). We had a close family and I always enjoyed life through school, hobbies, holidays and more. Between the ages of 9 and 12 there were some big shifts in my life. I lost a parent and we moved halfway across the world to New Zealand.

We moved to a small town called Blenheim at the top of the South Island, Blenheim is popular for being a top wine region (great as I got older!). Luckily, I easily adapted and I like to think I am still able to easily adapt to changes in life. I feel this is a quality that has definitely supported me in business, motherhood and life in general. 

I was one of those children who really enjoyed school, I didn’t actually mind going. I loved to learn (still do) and made the most of my school days. I followed school by starting my career alongside starting at a technology college, completing two certificates in administration and a Diploma in Business. My career started out in administration and logistics and over the past 11 years I have grown my skills across business, admin, logistics and export which inevitably led to the start of L J Your Virtual PA. 

I lived in New Zealand for 13 years, completed schooling, built my career, met my hubby and brought our first home. We explored different places such as Darwin, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Auckland, Wellington and I had a few trips back to England, building lifelong memories. 

Six years ago, I started my journey into the world of motherhood. Six years ago, my hubby and I found out we were expecting our first child. Pregnancy and motherhood is a story for another day, though I’ll come back to why shortly. April 2016, we had our beautiful daughter and not long after decided we would move to England, to spend some time with my family over here. Fast forward 7 months to December 2016, we made the move and have been here since. 

Family photo with a view of Edinburgh Castle behind
Family Photo

If you are a mother (or want to be in the future) you may understand when I say, I didn’t want to return to full time employment especially as she started to get older I was craving more freedom to enjoy her childhood. However like most of us, money is usually the first thing that comes to mind when we consider our options and plays a big part in our decisions.

I am very grateful I was able to have an ‘extended maternity leave’ and was able to spend the first almost 18 months of her life with her everyday. I decided to go back to work part time, working on balancing time with Lil and earning money, sound familiar?

Over the last 4 and a half years we have had lots of fun adjusting to life in the northern hemisphere, exploring different parts of the UK and growing together as a family.

I always had in the back of my mind I would like to have my own business but I was unsure what and definitely didn’t have a plan. As 2020 rolled round, Lil was due to start school later that year & it drove my desire to make a move towards starting something new.  I wanted to be able to attend school trips and sports days without asking permission from an employer. 

2020, I decided would be the year of GROWTH!! I enrolled in a 1:1 six week mindset shift course with Lucy Superfox, through this process is where the idea for L J Your Virtual PA was born. Before I could talk myself out of it and let any limiting beliefs get in the way I got to work setting everything up. As we all know then BOOM, Covid-19 hit and we were all put into lockdown. “Well that throws a spanner in the works, what do I do now?” I thought.

TBH reflecting back I feel it all happened the way it should, it lead me to start my business on a different path to what I first envisioned but that definitely doesn’t mean it was the wrong path. I focused on networking and met the most incredible community in Next Level Life, which has truly changed the course of my life.

I invested in coaching, I invested in me and I am forever grateful and proud of myself for the company I have built so far. I have built a team of VA’s who support me and support my clients in every aspect of business. This means we can make a bigger impact on more peoples lives. At L J Your Virtual PA we empower women in business to take back control of their time and live life on their terms. Supporting their businesses in all areas from social media, to email marketing, to administration and so much more. 

This journey has also led to me introducing two new businesses, L J Travel & Explore and The Mumpreneur Diaries. I have stepped into full time self-employment and I am stepping closer towards our bigger vision every day. 

Mum working at a desk with daughter playing behind her

Through L J Travel & Explore I empower your adventures, I can find you the best package holidays, day trips or even just flights and hotels. I take care of all of the searching, all of the booking, taking the stress away from you and allowing you to just look forward to your adventure. 

The Mumpreneur Diaries is the latest to join the Lucy Watty brand. The Mumpreneur Diaries was formed from an inspired thought I had on the way to work one morning. I quickly voice noted my friend to soundboard my idea, I didn’t want to forget it as a busy day took over. The response I got back from her was all the motivation I needed to run with the thought and take inspired action.

Another big change was imminent however as I was about to step into full self-employment so I took action that meant I would launch a few weeks later. Sometimes if we get inspired thoughts, we just need to run with them and see where it takes us. Catch those insights and take action. 

The Mumpreneur Diaries blog is a safe space where you will find real life, raw & honest stories of pregnancy + post pregnancy, tips and hints to empower your journey, alongside recommendations of our favourite products along the way. 

I am so excited to announce my Exclusive Online Launch event coming up on the 7th of September. It will be full of inspirational and useful guest speakers, amazing raffle prizes to be won and more. All ticket proceeds will be going to Birmingham Childrens Hospital, this charity is close to my heart but giving back is also a big part of my vision. If you are a mum or will be one day, be sure to join us on the Exclusive Online Launch event.

I am incredibly excited for everything to come in business and life. We have our next little addition joining us in a couple of months, business is elevating and I am loving supporting my clients and as many people as I can in life. 

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