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Connecting to Soul & Following Your Passions

Including 7 questions to help connect to your soul advice

Whether you are in business and looking to make changes, or you are embarking on a journey of self-development and discovery there is so much information out there telling you to do it this way or that way. There are so many blogs, articles and podcasts of people selling their version of success and what can help you by following their plan. Whilst I do not disagree with this way of thinking or doing things, let’s be honest it gets really frustrating when it doesn’t work for you.

I have bought so many courses and mentoring, coaching etc., where I was promised something that I didn’t receive and that isn’t the fault of the person selling their services, it was mine. It was my fault because rather than looking at what could help me thrive, I was responding to the pain/parts of myself that needed healing to enable me to thrive. If I had looked at this from a different perspective, I feel I would have had a much different outcome.

One of the things I have discovered in my own self-development journey and through the various evolutions of my business in the last fifteen years is that only I hold the answers. Only I can do my healing and do the work that I need to do. This doesn’t mean that I don’t need the help of others at times, it just means that I need to listen within.

I used to do a lot of mindset work and to be honest, I love the process of changing my thoughts and my beliefs in this way. However, for me I found that it was lacking something. As a spiritual person I have worked with a lot of women around connecting to their soul, their passions and their intuition to help them to make decisions guided by them, to help them to find their own path and their own journey through self-exploration and listening within.

When you actually sit in stillness through meditation, a walk in nature, yoga, a cup of coffee by yourself in the morning when the house is still or a bath it’s much easier to make choices that do not come from a place of fear and anxiety. The stillness is what helps you to truly understand what you want and need. This is where though you need to harness your own strengths.

Maybe meditation isn’t for you, because all of the times you have tried it you just cannot relax. Maybe you prefer to sit and listen to the birds singing or maybe you get your best ideas and intuitive nudges when you are doing the housework. Whatever way this works for you, that’s okay. It’s listening within that matters, in whatever way that shows up for you, because you are unique, and the ways of others aren’t necessarily right for you.

The hardest part of this is following the guidance you are being given. I remember when I was meditating, and I was told that I needed to give up my full-time job and concentrate on my business and my son. My first thought was, ‘that can’t be right, I’ve trained for years to get to where I am.’ Then I started to get more and more of these messages until the perfect opportunity came up. I fell pregnant with my youngest child, and I never returned after maternity leave. Then I listened and took the steps necessary to be able to help others in the way that I was destined to.

This leads to another question though, doesn’t it? Are you passionate about your life? What are your passions? What do you love to do? Yes, I know, I know if you were to do everything you were told to do there would never be a minute in the day. But is there something that you really want to do that can be made a priority? I was always told if you want something enough you will do whatever it takes to get it and for me that’s listening to my inner guidance, my soul and then taking action based on what I am guided.

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Here are some of the questions I ask myself:

  1. What do I want?
  2. How will this enhance my life?
  3. What will my life look like if I do…?
  4. What actions can I take that will help me achieve…?
  5. What is stopping me from achieving…?
  6. Is there anything I need to heal to help me?
  7. What support may I need?

When I ask these questions I journal them, and don’t think too hard about the answers. I just let the words flow out onto the page and read it back afterwards. Then I use what I have found to make a plan of action. My plans aren’t static, and I try not to put too much pressure on myself to achieve things in a certain time frame, because this then brings up a lot of stress and guilt and let’s be honest being a working Mum brings up enough guilt as it is, without adding more to it.

However, be aware of the difference between avoidance and not having time, as this could mean that something needs to be worked on (like beliefs, mindset, past life issues), to help you to achieve what you have set out to.

When you bring soul and mindset together, along with energy work, healing and taking action, things come together more quickly. Everything I tell you here isn’t exhaustive, merging mindset and soul work is not the only way to realise your passions and your dreams, there I many other ways, but the good thing about this way is that it comes from you.

Everything comes from within and like the opening of a flower bud, you get exactly what you need when you need it, there’s no forcing, no pushing, just relaxing and trusting that it is all going to happen.

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