My Late Night Musings

My Late Night Musings

often and I rarely get myself to bed early. I know during pregnancy this is even more important, baby is also using my energy to grow healthy and let’s be honest life is busy! So off I trot to bed, 10pm (doing good for me 🙈), check on miss L, give her a kiss goodnight, pop to the loo (for the millionth time today), set up my pregnancy pillow, climb in bed & snuggle into the blankets. Mmmm sleep 💤

Managing Hyperemesis Gravidium

Managing Hyperemesis Gravidium

The NHS describe it as ‘Severe vomiting in pregnancy’ and quite frankly that’s only touching the surface. There is so much to this condition that people are still unaware of and this only adds to the confusion, loneliness and guilt surrounding it. But I can promise you that if you want an accurate account of what living with HG is like and how you can get through the day without wanting to cry, scream or take a cocktail of medication to just make the sickness go away you’ve found that here (ok I did lie a little bit, there was some crying and medication involved, but only the one!). 

Inspiration without Looking

Inspiration Without Looking

In my experience, it is true what they say that inspiration can strike at the most unlikely of places, and as a Holistic Therapist, I can understand why. When we let our guard down, are in a relaxed state and not trying too hard, that nice space of calm equilibrium allows us to be open to new possibilities.

Getting to know the founder

Getting to Know the Founder

Some of you may know me really well and some of you barely at all. Either way I am excited to have you here and on this journey with me. I decided months ago I’d share a blog about the face behind the business and give you a snippet into my life on my original business blog. Yet every time I sat down to write it, I’d get in a muddle of how to start, where to begin and what you might like to know. I had a reminder a couple of weeks ago I still hadn’t wrote this particular blog so I best introduce you properly to me, the founder of L J Your Virtual PA, L J Travel & Explore and The Mumpreneur Diaries, and my journey to where I am today.

4 Childrens Activity Boxes Perfect for School Holiday Fun

4 Children’s Activity Boxes – Perfect for School Holiday Fun

I love to support small and shop local so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to see what there was out there. My daughter is very much into crafts, drawing, colouring and painting at the moment so I wanted to get some craft/activity boxes we could use to help keep her happy and entertained while I worked and also things we could do together to create more memories. I also wanted to be able to share them with YOU, and if you are running out of things to do, here are some ideas.