Blog - Give that women a gold star by Julie Creffield

Give That Women a Gold Star!

Often as mums in business we go into (or quite literally fall into) entrepreneurship under the guise of more freedom, more choice. We want to be able to work around our kids, not have an unsupportive boss breathing down our neck, but then before you know it we have become the worst type of boss, the one who doesn’t even notice what you have achieved from week to week, month to month….that just keeps piling on more shit to do.

Empowering Mumpreneurs: Supercharge Your Business with ChatGPT

Empowering Mumpreneurs: Supercharge Your Business with ChatGPT

As a business owner, it’s imperative that you continue to learn and grow to supercharge your business. Using a platform such as ChatGPT can help you on this journey.

‘I’m not using AI!’ I always hear this when I’m out networking with other women in business. I get it; putting your trust in something you’ve spent years watching destroy the world is scary. Those dystopian films have a lot to answer for!

Top 5 Tips for a Busy Mompreneur by Stephanie Bundrock for The Mumpreneur Diaries blog

Top 5 Tips for a Busy Mompreneur

Top 5 Tips for a Busy Mompreneur

#1 Don’t try to multitask.

Number one it doesn’t work! You’ll always be playing catch-up and doing half a job, dropping a ball somewhere. It’s much better to time block and focus on one thing at a time. If it’s family, you give 100% of your attention to family. If it’s work, you give 100% to work, and you don’t let anything interrupt you. This was a huge turning point for me and I wish I would’ve learned it about 10 years earlier.

Through an Entrepreneurial Eye - 2020

Through an Entrepreneurial Eye – 2020

This blog is a transcript of my interview with Natalie Naaman for her YouTube series called “Through an Entrepreneurial Eye” in 2020 when I had recently started my business. After downloading it was already over 3500 words (before any editing or writing a reflection) so thought I best start by cutting that down ha.

*On editing, I decided to have two blogs. The interview with Nat in one (there are too many golden nuggets to delete) and a reflection from then to now in the next so keep your eyes peeled*

Your Mumpreneur Squad

Your Mumpreneur Squad

One thing on this journey of motherhood is we should never have to do it alone or feel like we are doing it alone. Support = ‘bear all or part of the weight of; hold up.’ We like to think we can do it all on this journey of entrepreneurship (we are superwomen after all, right 🦸‍♀️) but it takes a village to raise a business and a village to raise a baby. We don’t need to bear it all. 

The Lonely Mumpreneur Blog by Lena Queen

The Lonely Mumpreneur

Gosh it can be lonely being a single mum, and not just a single mum, an entrepreneurial single mum! This may also apply to you mum’s who are not single!

We have so many ideas flowing around in our heads and not just ideas on how to improve and make our businesses the best we can, but also ideas on how we can be the best Mum we can be, how we can manage our time so that we are spending quality time with our children but also getting s**t done!!

HotTea Mama

How HotTea Mama teas can support mums in different parts of their journeys

Tea can be a huge support through life, but never more so than for mums, who often have to restrict what they eat and drink while nurturing their children. Tea for TTC and fertility If you’re trying to have a baby, tea can support you in this journey. Having high levels of caffeine in your …

Inspiration without Looking

Inspiration Without Looking

In my experience, it is true what they say that inspiration can strike at the most unlikely of places, and as a Holistic Therapist, I can understand why. When we let our guard down, are in a relaxed state and not trying too hard, that nice space of calm equilibrium allows us to be open to new possibilities.