Blog 'how your menstrual cycle can help you "mum" better' by Nemt.

Period parenting: how your menstrual cycle can help you ‘mum’ better

For many of us, we don’t give much thought to our menstrual cycles apart from once a month when our period rolls around. This changes slightly when we start trying to conceive, and suddenly we become masters of noticing every little sign of ovulation. But then, once we’re in the thick of the parenting trenches, attention to our body and all its hormonal fluctuations falls by the wayside as our priorities shift to the kids. Honestly, some days it feels like a triumph just to have a shower or finish your coffee when it’s still lukewarm. Knowing when you ovulate is probably the very last thing on your mind.

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Connecting to Soul & Following Your Passions

One of the things I have discovered in my own self-development journey and through the various evolutions of my business in the last fifteen years is that only I hold the answers. Only I can do my healing and do the work that I need to do. This doesn’t mean that I don’t need the help of others at times, it just means that I need to listen within.

Living with Endometriosis: My Struggle with Chronic Pain Blog

Living with Endometriosis: My Struggle with Chronic Pain

Endometriosis is a chronic condition that affects millions of people around the world, including myself. It’s a disorder in which the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus grows outside of it, causing pain, inflammation, and other symptoms. This condition affects every aspect of my life, and I want to share my story to raise awareness and help others who may be going through a similar struggle.

Effective tips for mums to take control of their finances: Money management and budgeting strategies blog by Louisa Wilcox for The Mumpeneur Diaries

Effective tips for mums to take control of their finances:

Money management and budgeting strategies. Money seems quite complicated and daunting at times. It’s very much a word we deem as ‘dirty,’ we don’t like to talk about it and we most certainly do not like to discuss it. Well, I am here to change that! Money should be discussed as easily as the weather. …

Why Food is the Ultimate Form of Selfcare

Why Food is the Ultimate Form of Self Care

As mums, it is easy to put ourselves last. We place importance on looking after almost everybody else, our spouse, partner, kids, pets, other family members and friends, and end up forgetting to look after ourselves. 

When our proverbial cup starts getting really low, we turn to self-care to fill it back up.

Guest Blog The Power of Community

The Power of Community

The community for me was the best place to be during an uncertain time in everyone’s lives. You are surrounded by people who want to wake up early, exercise online and make changes to their daily habits and these were my type of people. You virtually meet people and they become your close friends, we have zoom parties to celebrate our success and surprises along the way.

Guest Blog Tips & Tricks for Visiting Gran Canaria

Visiting Gran Canaria – Tips & Tricks

You can visit Gran Canaria all the year round, but the winter months are actually classed as the high season. This is because the weather between October and May is superb. The summer months are always hot but we often have a wonderful breeze coming in from the Atlantic Ocean. Gran Canaria is particularly popular with families at Easter and in the February, May and October half terms.

Top Tips to the Path of Self Love

Top Tips to the Path of Self Love

This brings me on to my Self Love journey, late 2020 I went on a journey like no other though studying and truly connecting with me and digging deep within myself and asking powerful questions daily. My journey and what I overcome in this short period of time I knew I had to share this with people, and I became so passionate with telling people about Self Love and loving us is where it truly starts, from within.