Inspiration without Looking

Inspiration Without Looking

In my experience, it is true what they say that inspiration can strike at the most unlikely of places, and as a Holistic Therapist, I can understand why. When we let our guard down, are in a relaxed state and not trying too hard, that nice space of calm equilibrium allows us to be open to new possibilities.

Guest Blog The Power of Community

The Power of Community

The community for me was the best place to be during an uncertain time in everyone’s lives. You are surrounded by people who want to wake up early, exercise online and make changes to their daily habits and these were my type of people. You virtually meet people and they become your close friends, we have zoom parties to celebrate our success and surprises along the way.

Top Tips to the Path of Self Love

Top Tips to the Path of Self Love

This brings me on to my Self Love journey, late 2020 I went on a journey like no other though studying and truly connecting with me and digging deep within myself and asking powerful questions daily. My journey and what I overcome in this short period of time I knew I had to share this with people, and I became so passionate with telling people about Self Love and loving us is where it truly starts, from within.

How to help your child manage & express their emotions

How to Help Your Child Manage and Express Their Emotions.

What can you do to help?
Children have so much to give and yet we are seeing more and more children suffering with mental health issues. For example, The National Health Executive states “One in six children and young people had a probable mental health disorder in July during the first wave of coronavirus, compared to just one in nine back in 2017”

Habit Stacking Your Health

Habit Stacking Your Health

Why We Stack
The idea of habit stacking isn’t anything new, it’s a ‘hack’ that our brains figured out a long time ago. It’s a way for our brain to save time and energy by skipping the decision making process and streamlining things – and who doesn’t love efficiency??

Take, for example, when you make your morning coffee – you do it in the same order with the same steps each time, right?

Imagine the flip side if our brains didn’t do us this favor: Each morning you’d have to first decide to make your coffee. Then you’d have to focus on the steps of putting the filter in place, measuring out the coffee and water for your desired cup of joe, pressing the “start” button, getting out your cup, etc.

The Magic of Belief

The Magic of Belief

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Grant Cardone 10x growth conference. It was incredible and I learnt so much over the 3 days – but for me the main thing that stood out from all the people I heard speak; business owners, actors, artists, investors, people at the beginning of their business journey – was BELIEF. A huge belief and confidence in themselves and in what they are doing.