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An Inspirational Evening

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Two weeks ago, saw The Mumpreneur Diaries Exclusive Online Launch be held and what an inspirational evening it was! Eight incredible guest speakers came together alongside myself to share their stories, their businesses and how they can support mothers anywhere on their journey.  

If you didn’t already know, the Mumpreneur Diaries is a safe space and community where you can empower your journey of motherhood and business no matter where on the journey you are. 

You will find real life, raw & honest stories of pregnancy + post pregnancy, tips and hints to empower your journey, alongside recommendations of our favourite products along the way plus so much more. 

Whether you made it onto the event, have watched the recording or are new to The Mumpreneur Diaries, you are going to want to keep reading and learn more about each guest speaker and what you can expect in the near future. I will also share my personal experience with some of these incredible businesses. 

HotTea Mama

First up we had the wonderful Bethan from HotTea Mama. 

HotTea Mama is an award-winning specialist tea company creating blends to support women with periods, pregnancy, breastfeeding, motherhood and perimenopause. They produce a range of bespoke fine teas, carefully selected to help women at various stages in our reproductive lives. Their teas are produced in the UK using finely sourced natural ingredients which makes them all gluten free and vegan friendly. They are here to support women through the more challenging aspects of their lives, one cup at a time. 

Bethan, alongside her best friend Kate launched HotTea Mama in 2017 after Kate had the idea while looking for ways to naturally support herself through pregnancy and motherhood. She had 2 babies within the space of a year, I mean that’s no small feat alone. Bethan was the first non-Chinese person to get a degree in Tea Science from the University of Agriculture and Forestry in Fujian after working as a tea buyer and blender for more than 15 years. 

Personal testimonial – I came across HotTea Mama during my second trimester in my second pregnancy. The Night Owl Tea has been an absolute fave and something I have almost every night before bed. It has supported me when I’ve been exhausted to get a better nights sleep but also when I had a short bout of pregnancy insomnia.

I have recently started The Final Push in preparation for labour, with a box of Milks Up ready and waiting for once little one arrives. I have always been a bit particular with herbal teas and not found many I actually like but I can truly say I love all of the HotTea Mama teas I have tried so far. 

You can use my code LUCYWATTY to receive 10% discount at checkout.

Jolley Tuition

Next up we had the inspirational Grace from Jolley Tuition, who is here to change the way we teach and the learning experience we give our children. 

Grace has worked in education for over 15 years and has turned her passion for teaching and learning into her business Jolley Tuition. Grace believes that every child deserves the best education and learning experience and that in order to achieve this we need to be teaching much more than facts but lifelong skills and self-belief.

Grace’s passion stems from working with children with SEN when she was a Nanny and teaching assistant, and she has continued to learn and study to help as many children as she can across the globe. Grace was nominated for a creative hero award in 2020 for her continued efforts to make learning fun and has been featured on Ellie Mckay’s ‘On a Mission Podcast’ to spread her message about education and how things need to change.

If you are looking for support with your children’s education, or support in home education, Grace is the lady to connect with!

Chakra Kids

Rachel Brown is a holistic therapist and founder of Chakra Kids empowering primary children to improve and maintain their emotional wellbeing using fun and engaging holistic methods so they can find the freedom to be true to themselves.

With a background in pharmacy and music, a PGCE in Primary Education and as a holistic therapist who experienced emotional issues caused by her own childhood illness and her son’s dyslexia, she has combined her personal and professional experiences over the last 25 years to create a business that will help children deal with whatever adversities they face with confidence, self-belief and positivity. 

Children can often find it difficult to express emotions and if they are not taught to recognise, understand and work through them, they can end up suppressing the negative ones, which then causes large amounts of stress to course through the body and can lead eventually to ill health. Children have so much to give and yet we are seeing more and more children suffering with mental health issues which then impacts the whole family.

Rachel helps children through her Healthy Mind, Happy Me programme, her series of Chakra books and Facebook community. Trust me when I say, Rachel is here to make a big impact on the world of our children and it is incredibly inspirational to watch.

Baby Birds Casting

Paige is the owner and life caster of Baby Bird’s Casting, a home run business which was established in 2016. This was a passion of hers when she fell pregnant with her first child, she had casts made for her, but unfortunately had to travel a long distance with a new-born baby. She gave it some thought and decided she wanted to give other parents like herself the chance to have something amazing and unique to keep of their family.

Only her family doesn’t just stop at kids, she has three dogs and a horse, so she decided to make everyone a part of the family and therefore she developed the business and techniques to create casts for all their loved ones. The fact that she brings happiness and peace to all her customers she says makes all her hard work worthwhile.

Baby Bird’s Casting offers a bespoke casting and jewellery impression service. They also offer training courses to provide you with the knowledge and experience that they have gained. They offer their services in the beautiful village of Alrewas, alternatively they can visit you in your own home to take an impression of babies, children, adults, dogs or horses.

Personal testimonial – I have had multiple products from Paige, from foil prints to engraved keyrings, memory boxes and business merchandise. All of the products have always been made to a high standard, loved by all of the receivers and nothing is ever too big of a request. I can’t wait to continue working alongside Paige and getting our new arrivals baby casts done in the new year. 

If you would like to receive 10% off your orders with Baby Birds Castings you can use code TMD10 at checkout. 

BodyConnect Fitness

Gemma is a mum of 2, certified level 3 personal trainer whom specialises in pre and post natal personal training. Gemma spent 14 years living in Dubai with her family before recently moving back to her home country of Scotland and bringing her business with her. 

She started her business after experiencing the importance of having the correct pre and post-natal exercises during her second pregnancy. The difference it can make to your whole pregnancy, your birth and your post birth journey. This experience sparked a passion in Gemma to share this with more women and have an impact on their motherhood journey, 

I was introduced to Gemma just last month through a mutual friend and in such a short space she has already offered me great support in ways to ease some of my pregnancy symptoms alongside joining her new prenatal (Online Active Bumps) classes. Gemma offers different classes to suit you dependent on where you are on your journey, you can check all of these out on the link below. 

Sarah Baldock Portraits

Personal testimonial – I had the absolute pleasure of having my maternity photoshoot with Sarah just over a week ago. She made me feel so at ease, she welcomed my daughter with such warmth she was buzzing and she did all of the things I believe a GREAT photographer will do. In her words, she may come across as a little bossy but I love that she gave us instructions on the best way to stand, adjusted my hair to make sure it always looked good and included Lil so much.

I feel like a goddess looking at the memories she was able to capture and I am so excited to be able to have our newborn shoot with her later this year also. 

When Sarah’s youngest son was just a few months old, she realised she had missed capturing the beginning of their journey not only with him but way back to the start of her motherhood journey with his older brothers too. Yes, she had the quick snaps on her phone as we all do but felt she had nothing they can go back and look through, reminisce with and pass down the generations.

This is why Sarah decided to switch her career path, started her training and is so passionate about what she does – to make sure no other family misses out capturing their most precious memories, like I did and still regret to this day. Sarah captures maternity, newborn and 1st Birthday portraits to fill your heart with joy, your memories with love and your life with beautiful art. From the moment you find out you are pregnant, the journey through parenthood is filled with new and awesome memories. Each and every adventure is a fleeting moment and the memories soon fade.

Next Level Life

Where do I start with the inspirational Jess and Rachel from Next Level Life. Jess is a single mum to two amazing children, a quantum coach and speaker. She is the evidence that trading expectational actions is how extraordinary results are created. Rachel is a life & business success coach and speaker. She has the ability to ignite your vision and motivate you into action, will help accelerate your results and experience of your Next Level Life.

Together they are the founders of Next Level Life, where their purpose is to enable you to connect to yourself and others, elevate your life and empower you to share your unique strengths, skills and gifts with the world, whilst stepping into the abundant life that already exists for you. 

They offer services that can support you in so many different ways from a community membership, 2:1 coaching, digital courses, a book and so much more. If you haven’t already connected with these ladies be sure to give them a follow below.

Personal testimonial – I have been part of the Next Level Life community since the very beginning in June 2020. It was a saviour and one of my best decisions, I was new in business and to be honest a little lost with how to get going. Not only have I learnt a LOT from Jess & Rachel over the past 16 months but I have made some incredible friends and connections through the community. 

Now you may be asking… this all sounds amazing but what can we expect from The Mumpreneur Diaries going forward? I’ll be 100% honest, ideas are coming to me all the time and I know there is going to be so much more come than what I have already imagined/started to create. 

Even though I will soon be having our little girl (ETA 5 weeks 3 days), there will be a new blog coming weekly from not just me but some incredible guest bloggers with information and stories we can all take something from. In 2022 there will be some incredible events, some of which are already in creation 😀 

And while I don’t yet know when I know for definite there will be a book in the future, this is something I have always dreamed of doing so I’d best make it a reality hadn’t I? 

One thing I know for sure, there is a safe, supportive community building and there will be many things to support all mums in many ways. 

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