5 Must Have Items in Your Second Trimester
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5 Must Have Items for Your Second Trimester

Yes! You did it! You are now in your second trimester, fingers crossed any sickness is easing (or stopped) and you are enjoying your pregnancy. During your second trimester you can find out the gender of your wee miracle and you will begin to feel their movements. Your needs will begin to change during these weeks, as I said in ‘7 Must Have Items in Your First Trimester’ everyone’s journey is different, but I wanted to share what items were must haves for me and some of my friends. 

Invest in Maternity Clothes

Your bump has probably started to appear by now and it’s going to continue to grow alongside your baby right up until birth. It’s the perfect time to invest in some maternity clothes including maternity bra’s. You will want to ditch the underwire as your breasts change and adapt with your body. Getting a comfy maternity bra means you can use it now and after birth. 

Two items I have loved are Popsy tights as they pull up nicely over bump, sit comfortable and don’t add any pressure. Also I have lived in my Tu clothing Maternity Modal Leggings for the later stages of pregnancy. 

Tu Clothing Maternity Modular Leggings
Popsy tights

A good face moisturiser

The Arbonne® Bio-Hydria™ Gel Cream is a thicker cream that absorbs quickly to soothe and moisturise your skin with botanicals like organically farmed Witch Hazel and Sustainably Sourced Aloe Vera which leaves your skin feeling super soft and supple. 

Hormone changes during pregnancy can cause your skin to lose elasticity and moisture, a lot of the time you will notice the effect more so on your growing belly. Another great reason to stay hydrated, eat well and use a great moisturiser. 

Arbonne Bio-Hydria Gel Cream

HotTea Mama – Night Owl

Anxiety, hormones and your changing body can lead to a bit of pregnancy insomnia or just a struggle for a decent sleep. Thankfully I came across the HotTea Mama – Night Owl tea during my second trimester and it has become kind of like a nightly ritual since. Every night I have a hot cup of night owl tea, not only because it tastes delicious but because it helped me have a better nights sleep. 

“This caffeine-free tea blend of calming herbs will help ease you into the land of nod.  

A carefully balanced blend of herbal ingredients renowned for calming the body and soothing the soul. Whole chamomile flowers, lavender, valerian root, lime flowers, rooibos and corn flowers.

If you’re breastfeeding – try drinking Night Owl an hour before you do the final feed of the evening to give your little one some of its natural, sleepy goodness. A box contains 15 whole leaf, plastic free, biodegradable tea pyramids.  They can be used to make 30 cups of tea or more.”

HotTea Mama Night Owl Tea

Pregnancy Pillow

As your bump grows you may find it a little difficult to get comfortable in the night. A pregnancy pillow can help with more than just your sleep, it can help alleviate back pain, help you maintain a comfortable sleeping position, encourages you to sleep on your side which promotes blood circulation and it can be used after birth to help with feeding. 

Bamibi Pregnancy Pillow

Not an item but Activity

During pregnancy it can be easy to ‘blob’ and think, I’ll get fit after I’ve had the baby (at least I know I found myself thinking this)! However keeping moving can support you in not just your pregnancy but also in labour and post-partum. Always listen to your body and if ever in doubt, talk to your maternity team. There are personal trainers who specialise in prenatal and postnatal fitness (such as Gemma from Body Connect Fitness) or you can get out for a brisk walk. It is recommended to keep active on a daily basis, you can read more here 

a pregnant woman doing meditation
Photo by Yan Krukov on Pexels.com

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