Third Trimester
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5 Must Have Items During Your Third Trimester

Woohoo you’ve made it to the third trimester (which starts around 28 weeks pregnant). By this stage some mums are ready to get to the end and have their baby in their arms, other mums are finally feeling that pregnancy glow that people talk about. Either way, it’s perfect. Keep on reading to hear 5 things that myself and fellow mummy’s think are must haves to support you through this stage of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Pillow

pregnancy pillow

There are many benefits to using a pregnancy pillow whether it be full body or a U-shaped one you can position as you wish.  Alleviate back pain which almost all of us get at some stage of pregnancy, support your sleeping position by taking the pressure off your hips, support breastfeeding, or even for sitting support for you post delivery. These are just a few of the benefits and ps. They also are great for supporting baby when they can’t quite sit (under supervision of course).

HotTea Mama – The Final Push

The Final Push

Raspberry leaf tea has traditionally been used to help ease your labour, It has been linked to shorter and more straightforward births according to research, as well as potentially helping recovery too.

It is believed that Raspberry leaf tea helps due to the fragarine that is found in the raspberry leaves and the positive effect is has on uterine strength. HotTea Mama gave blended red raspberry leaves with whole peppermint to create a sweet, refreshing and comforting cuppa. It can not only help prepare for labour but also help aid digestion. And from personal use, I can tell you it is delicious.

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Pregnancy Massages

person holding hand

Pregnancy massages are similar to a Swedish massage but unless your masseuse has a pregnancy chair then you will need to sit on a normal chair to have your back done and potentially lie on your side for other parts. It is recommended not to have a massage during your first trimester (up to 13 weeks) due to increased blood flow. From then on, a massage can be a great way to relax and ease pregnancy related ailments. Be sure to make sure anyone you go to is trained in pregnancy massage before you use them.



Comfort is key! As your belly is expanding and baby is growing, you may find yourself getting more and more uncomfortable. A few things that can really help increase that comfort level are:

A belly brace – talk to your midwife about these if you are having hip pain but they can help take the strain off you

Supportive shoes – if you haven’t already got some, invest in a comfy pair of shoes. You may find your feet start to swell a bit and walking is tiring, comfy shoes will help give you a boost

Exercise ball – not just good for taking the weight off your hips, but they can help you sit in a more aligned position. They are also amazing for bouncing on closer to your due date (assumed to help baby engage) or to support you in labour

Foot stool – when you get the chance to sit down, elevating your legs will help increase your blood circulation and can also help with any swelling in your feet.

Heat Wrap

As your body grows and adjusts even more so to the growing little human inside you, aches and pains can become more prominent. Heat therapy opens blood vessels, increasing blood flow and bringing fresh supplies of oxygen and nutrients. Heat pads/wraps will provide immediate relief and comfort.

Remember time for you is crucial during pregnancy especially if you have other children. You will find in your first pregnancy you can relax when you wish and really listen to your body. When you have other children to care for it’s not so easy, but scheduling in that little bit of self-care can have wonderful affects. A long warm bath, a facial, a walk-in nature, reading your book or getting a bit of exercise can do wonders for not only your mind, but your body too.

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