3 Benefits of Using Akashic Records
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3 Benefits for Using Akashic Records

For those of you who are into a little bit of the weird, woo and wonderful then this blog is definitely for you! I want to share more about the amazing Akashic Records and how they can support you with elevating not only your life but your business too.

So how did I (a mum of 2 boys, ex retail manager and lover of cappuccino) move into running a spiritual business using this mystical realm? 

Purely by chance actually…

I had reached a crossroads in my life, which was instigated by a run of redundancies, and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t seem to get back into the industry I loved.  Being a Visual Merchandiser has its own challenges of not many opportunities and too many applicants.

So this led me to question what it was I was actually supposed to do next as it clearly wasn’t what I trained 30 years in doing!!!  I started to seek my answers within spiritual groups and by connecting with angels.

Just to let you know I’m not in any way religious (not knocking this by the way) but I found solace with their energies and found myself becoming more and more interested with what they represented and the healing they provided.


As I went through this journey of letting go of my old identity and awakening to the new I stumbled across the Akashic Records just by chance. 

I was watching a healer on Facebook who had asked a question and I had responded wanting to understand what ‘My Master Program’ was – thinking it would give me some answers on what direction to go in.  

Little did I know this actually meant what background coping mechanism I had running, which was actually holding me back.  So as I waited with anticipation of receiving my divine epiphany I heard “You have a program of Alcoholism” and we’re now going to clear that from your Akashic Records.  WTF!#!

Lady drinking a jug of alcohol

I nearly fell off the chair on hearing that, although I hadn’t got a physical addiction to alcohol, I did psychologically.   Of course I hadn’t revealed this to anyone as the shame of not being able to control my thoughts, urges etc was too much.  What would people think, what would people say, I would be admitting I couldn’t cope and that it seemed (at the time) weak!

However within 10 secs of that revelation being revealed it had been cleared from My Akashic Records and my mental switch turned off! Did I feel different – YES totally! I was finally FREE!!!


For the first time since I was younger I wasn’t having an internal battle on when I would have my next drink or how I would keep myself busy so not to succumb and have one. The mental energy of this internal dialogue was exhausting but now I could finally see and think clearly.

So here I experienced my true awakening, and from that moment I made it my mission to find out what the Akashic Records were and learn to use them effectively so I could support others with their own journey.

So What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic database that sit in the 5th Dimension and hold information and memories for every single person that has ever lived all the way back to the beginning of that soul’s creation.

The Akashic Records remember every single choice, action and consequence we’ve ever made.  Businesses and Homes have them too!  And by using your Akashic Records you have the opportunity to let go of the karmic blocks that hold you back and write a new future filled with opportunity and fulfilment.

The easiest way to visualise them is as a library with every book representing a lifetime.  When we use our Akashic Records we have the opportunity to heal our past, receive insight on our soul lessons and positively influence our future.

They have been around since the beginning of time and are mentioned in The Bible (known as the Soul Records) and are known all around the world.  The name comes from the Sanskrit language meaning ‘Ether’ and refers back to the knowledge that’s held within The Universe.

One of the most amazing things is that anyone can access them.  As long as you have a curiosity to give it a go, give yourself time to practise, and have no expectation in what you learn or experience you can truly discover the magic of this cosmic realm.

Library of books with a magic key in the middle

So Why Use The Akashic Records?

The benefits are great but the top 3 I’d like to share are:

1 – You can heal the traumas of your past life choices still affecting you today. 

It has been scientifically proven that our fears from our past are held with the cells of the body, and even though we may not be faced with life and death experiences our reaction to highly stressful situations would be the same.  By releasing the trauma response from the body we can choose to respond differently allowing us to claim our power back.

2 – You can release negative agreements such as vows and promises that you’ve made.

Just imagine the amount of times you have uttered “I’m never going to do that again” – “I’m never going to let that person get one over me again” – ‘I’m not going to put myself in this position again”. Making these types of promises or vows can have a detrimental effect on what you can then achieve in this lifetime. 

3 – You can unlock soul gifts and talents that you had in other lifetimes and use them to support you now.  

Have you been a painter, journalist, healer or a powerful business owner? Whatever path or vocation you chose to follow you have the opportunity to unlock those skills to elevate what you do now.  So I discovered in one lifetime I was a female entrepreneur who ran a cargo shipping company.  By tapping into my energies from that past life I’ve been able to enhance my decision making skills and determination in running my business now.

Of course there is so much more you can do in the Akashic Records all it takes is a willingness….

Are you ready to give it a go?

If so then I’d love to share a short visualisation supporting you with connecting with your Akashic Records and your guides.  This also includes a pendulum healing that helps open up the 3rd eye and release any blocks to accessing your Akashic Records.

Don’t worry if you’re not visual, how you experience your Akashic Records is personal to you and can be achieved by all of your senses, not just imagination and sight.  What I will say is you will come away feeling lighter as though something has shifted in your consciousness and energy field.

If you’d like to know more or experience your own transformational shifts then please do not hesitate to contact me.

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