Why Food is the Ultimate Form of Selfcare

Why Food is the Ultimate Form of Self Care

As mums, it is easy to put ourselves last. We place importance on looking after almost everybody else, our spouse, partner, kids, pets, other family members and friends, and end up forgetting to look after ourselves. 

When our proverbial cup starts getting really low, we turn to self-care to fill it back up.

Lucys Breastfeeding Journey

My Breastfeeding Story – Lucy

In the back of my mind I’ve always thought I should share my journey, “but I’ve never had any major issues so maybe people will think I’ve just had a super easy journey and bragging”. Now I know deep down that is just silly and me allowing my thoughts to take control. So here is my breastfeeding journey with feeding my two beautiful girls…

A rocky start for my rainbow baby

A Rocky Start for My Rainbow Baby

When Charlie was passed to me, I thought he was so beautiful, so pink and had a big juicy cord! Then the midwife said, “Let’s see if he will latch to feed, this first latch is so important to establish breast feeding, we really want it to go smoothly” You can only imagine the horror that flooded me as I nervously tried to latch my baby to my breast.

The Lonely Mumpreneur Blog by Lena Queen

The Lonely Mumpreneur

Gosh it can be lonely being a single mum, and not just a single mum, an entrepreneurial single mum! This may also apply to you mum’s who are not single!

We have so many ideas flowing around in our heads and not just ideas on how to improve and make our businesses the best we can, but also ideas on how we can be the best Mum we can be, how we can manage our time so that we are spending quality time with our children but also getting s**t done!!

Ready to Lose the Baby Weight? Here’s What to Eat!

Ready to Lose the Baby Weight? Here’s 3 Tips for What to Eat

Ready to lose the baby weight? You’ve reached a pivotal point in your parenthood journey: your baby is sleeping through the night! Your baby is eating well! Breastfeeding is becoming easier and it feels like you’re finding your rhythm as a mama.  Congrats! This is a big deal and something to be celebrated! What often …